I enjoy puzzles and creating things. Coding lets me do both at the same time. I have a BS in Biotechnology, and I enjoy the Bio part as much as the technology part.

Half my personality is explaining how things work. If you have read my articles you’ll know me better than most. 😉 if you haven’t, then stop reading this and go read my articles, they’re more interesting.

If you’re still reading this then, boy, you must be interested in knowing more about me.

I learnt programming on my own. Python was the language I started with.
I am currently quite fascinated by functional programming, and programming language design. Paul graham’s essays on lisp have led me down that dark path. 😛

While these are very niche interests, I am fascinated by these, and I talk about this on my blog.

Also, I am open to work, if you’d like to hire me.